The laurel is a shrub or evergreen tree belonging to the family of lauraceae, to which it gives its name. Its leaves are used as a condiment in the kitchen.
Culinary use

Bay leaves are used as a condiment in European cuisine, as well as in North America, Central America and South America, in the northwestern region of Mexico, it is known as laurel of Castile. These are used in soups, stews and stews, as well as in meats, fish, seafood and vegetables, and even in desserts such as rice pudding. The leaves are generally used whole, and removed before serving. We can also be crushed or ground before cooking to give a better taste to the food
Medicinal use

As a medicinal plant, the laurel is a stomach tonic (appetite stimulant, digestive, colagogo and carminative). The essential oil obtained from the fruits (“bay butter”) is traditionally used for the treatment of osteo-articular inflammations and pediculosis. The intake of bay leaves in large quantities becomes toxic.

Laurel Leaves

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Tabla Nutricional

Tabla Nutricional del Laurel